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Video of Rabbit Patiently Waiting for His Breakfast Couldn't Be Any Sweeter

Our dogs don't know the meaning of patience when it comes to breakfast or honestly any mealtime. And there's absolutely no sleeping in on the weekends because they're up and at 'em telling us it's time to get up and eat. It's about time they learned a lesson from this good rabbit named Walter. 

Known on TikTok as @itswalterhops, Walter understands how to patiently wait for his food. We first saw Walter's respectful manners when his mom was making a bedtime snack for him. After that, Walter was potty trained and eventually started to sleep outside of his crate. But even then, he never lost his good behavior. Watch how he acts outside of the crate as he waits for mom to feed him breakfast!  

Aww! Walter was just sitting so calmly, waiting for his mom to serve up breakfast! It looks like he could have waited all day. He must be eating good if he can wait for his next meal without getting hangry. You'd think he'd hop on over to tell mom it's time to eat since he doesn't sleep in the crate, but he never does. 

@AnastasiaBeaverhausen97 asked, "Is it me, or does he look tired?" The creator responded by saying, "Yep, he’s just waking up." That and he also needs his morning coffee! LOL! "Aww!!! Hi, Walter sleepyhead bedhead! Omg, I want one!!" wrote @PennyWoo. "Omg tooooooo cute. Thank you for sharing xo!!!" said @Colleen Connor5508. 

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We're not only obsessed with his good manners, but we also can't get over how adorable Walter is! The sweet, innocent face. Did you see those fluffy, giant ears?! @Michelle Aafedt said, "His ears are exceptional." He's just so cute that there's no way he could get into any trouble! 

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