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Story of Two Rabbits Slowing Becoming Best Friends Gives Us All the Feels

Is there anything better than two bunnies becoming BFFs? We don't think so. But despite how cute two bunnies named Maple and Pecan are, a new video on their TikTok page shows that they weren't always besties. In fact, the two had a bit of a rocky start. 

On their TikTok page @pecanandmaple, the two rabbits seem absolutely inseparable. But like any good friendship, they had to start somewhere. See for yourself!

"We felt our rabbit Maple was lonely, so we decided to bring home Pecan," the video's text overlay reads. At first, "Maple was not a big fan." But slowly the two warmed to each other and now they're as close as can be. "The love story of Maple & Pecan," the video's caption reads. 

People in the comments section couldn't get enough of the buddies. "Awww well done....rabbits love company, they need friends," @gem4081 wrote."Bunnies are social animals, so thank you for working hard to bond these two cuties," @treenat19 added. "Well done so hard to have female rabbits bond but so, so worth it to see them together," @gailsheer chimed in. "Always get two of any animals you bring into your home. They get lonely just like people," @wickedwindy urged. 

We're so happy this story has a happy ending. It just goes to show that despite first appearances, it's totally possible to get your animals to fall in love with each other. 

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