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Video of Raccoons Getting Food From a Canadian Drive-Thru Is Blowing Minds

The only time we've seen animals go through the drive-thru line is when their parents bring them in the car. They're some of the lucky ones who get puppuccinos or pup patties. So what about all the other animals who don't have the luxury of going through a drive-thru? Well in Ontario, Canada, the wildlife also benefits from drive-thrus and it's so much cooler than you'd expect!

TikTok user @mrs.bignell reposted a video that she originally took in February because well, it was too good not to share again. She was in line at the drive-thru when something cut her off. Not just one, but three raccoons made their way up to the window before she pulled her car up. The sarcastic text on the video reads, "Drive-thru lineups are the worst." But it's far from the worst. This is something you definitely don't see every day but we hope to at our next drive-thru! 

O.M.G. We'd wait in this line forever if it meant we got to watch this! The little critters so calmly made their way to the window and so sweetly picked up their meals. LOL! Have you ever seen a more gentle raccoon?! @spoiledoatmilk420 pointed out," They're so polite omg." More polite than most humans! @Bean paste responded by saying, "They probably paid beforehand." HA! It was quick service that they didn't need to make a scene!

"Now customers for life," wrote @blindtrucker. Absolutely! And not just the raccoons. We'll also be customers for life because of this. We love a company that serves everyone and everything!

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But not all TikTokers are happy about this. @goodgollymissmolly62 jokingly said, "Not fair man...they didn't have to wait in line like the rest of us. They juz walked up to the window 😠." HA! This is totally something a Karen would say. We're sure they put their order in like the rest of us! Or maybe this store just serves the cutest things first. Sounds like a reasonable policy to us! 

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