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Raccoon's Reaction To His Mom Talking About Her Dating Life Is Truly Hysterical

An emotional support raccoon's reaction to his mom venting about her love life is about as funny as it gets. Poor Kipper was stuck playing therapist recently, while this mama, Thelma Jane (@thelmajaneraccoon), went on and on about her dating woes in a new video online. You have to give him credit for paying attention as long as he did.

Video of the two having a gab-sesh was captured during a recent car trip — and boy oh boy, have we been there. "Kipper, I got asked out on a date," Thelma can be heard saying off-camera, "which is cool." She then started going into detail about her potential date, her past dating problems, her future dating concerns, her romantic can see where we're going with this, right? Well unfortunately for her, Kipper was having a hard time being a rapt audience and was even worse at hiding the fact that he was starting to tune his mom out. "I'm screwed!" Thelma joked in the video's text overlay. 

Most of the comments section was Team Kipper. "I’m with you Kipper! Ten words or less," @attagirl37 teased. "Kipper: 'someone please take me out of my misery,'“ @trueblue7522 joked. "He is my husband’s spirit animal," @karla_queen_b33 teased. "He’s like 'God d—n, there she goes again!!!'" @chobomaster added.

Luckily for Thelma, the video was made all in good fun and she didn't mind Kipper's lackluster reaction. Plus, in a second video on Thelma's page she explained that Kipper's sort of a "professional sleeper" — so we'd have to guess that no offense was taken.

Or...maybe he's got to try a little harder at active listening.