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Video of Raccoon Sneaking Food at Philadelphia Airport Has Us LOL'ing

TikTok user @krystynakrez's friend sent her a video from the Philadelphia Airport. If we were in this TikToker's shoes, we'd expect maybe a clip of an airport beer or a view of the plane. But let's just say the video she received was the very last thing we were expecting. 

It looks like her friend was standing in line at an airport store, waiting to buy a drink or snacks. Then out of nowhere a little cabinet pops open with an animal's hands reaching out. A raccoon?! Watch what happens next because it's beyond hilarious! 

LMAO! We have so many questions relating to this. First of all, how did her friend get this video? Talk about filming at the right place at the right time! But also, how in the world did the raccoon get there? We're wondering what @viaweiss wrote, "How did he get past TSA?" The raccoon must've had TSA pre-check. LOL! 

"I don't blame my man. Hudson's pricing is ridiculous," said @njenkss. All airport pricing is so over the top! This raccoon was just doing everything he could to provide for the family. LOL! "At least he was polite and only took one," added @lolo_pico. So true! He probably could've sneaked a few more Twizzlers if he really wanted to, but he knew other people would want them. 

Even the official TikTok account for Dr. Pepper commented. It reads, "Respectfully, those are his now." The only thing the raccoon needs now is a nice cold Dr. Pepper to wash down the treat. LOL! 


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