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Raccoon Steals Couple's 'Door Dash' Order Off the Front Porch and We Are Cracking Up

Once you get the thought of pizza in your head, it's likely going to stay there until you find yourself biting into a cheesy slice. With all the different toppings you can add, it's a favorite for everyone. And thankfully with delivery services, that pizza craving won't go unmet for too long. Well, that is if you get to your door quick enough. 

TikTok user @stoneholly's husband ordered Pizza Hut through DoorDash. But what he came to find out was only half his order was delivered! Luckily they had a front door camera to see if it was delivered or not. To their surprise, it was all delivered. So where could have that box gone? As it turns out, raccoons are very much pizza lovers too. LOL! Check it out! 

LMAO! Our first thought is that the box just wasn't delivered. Never would we have thought it was a sneaky raccoon. We guess this is the adult version of 'my dog ate my homework' because imagine trying to explain this to DoorDash to get a refund. LOL! "That was nice of your husband to buy pizza for them," wrote @Coolbeanys. Right?! We love a family that looks out for the animals of the neighborhood! 

@warriorsdna commented what the raccoon was thinking, "A personal pizza?! For me?!" But the personal pizza clearly wasn't enough because she came back! And it definitely didn't take long to realize she had an empty box at first. "I was laughing so hard when she ran off with the box 😂," added @drdebs30. We do feel bad for the rest of the raccoon family that didn't get to have a slice. @woahderebecca said, "She’s like, 'It was just right here I swear!'” Poor mom got the kiddo's hopes up for nothing! 

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"From now on you always have to order a small pizza just for them 😂," said @Amadeo337. LOL! If this family is having pizza night, then so are the raccoons. We don't make the rules! And hopefully the next time they leave out extra for the babies! 

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