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Video of Raccoons 'Trick or Treating' Has Us Smiling From Ear to Ear

With Halloween just around the corner, kids of all ages (and even species) are practicing their trick-or-treating skills. Just look at these hilarious raccoons! The little group made a pit stop to pick up marshmallow treats from @tialinde's house, and the result has us fascinated and smiling. 

The curious critters weren't afraid to get up close and personal with this animal-loving TikToker, but we're sure they've all met before. They sure know what they're doing!

OMG! We're not sure whether @tialinde is a risk-taker or a generous person for handing out treats to each of these raccoons--maybe she's both! Either way, the animals definitely appreciate their dessert. We're sure they would've had a feeding frenzy had they not gotten only one each. After all, it's all about portion control!

"Their little hands" were definitely a favorite of @spearofcassius's--and of ours, too. We'd love to hand the critters things just to see their hands at work! Luckily, @tialinde got a perfect view, all thanks to what @mommacandy115 calls "Linda Belcher Vibes." Are there any other Bob's Burgers fans out there?

Whether or not the reference resonates with you, there's no denying how cool this video is. Like @useroutdoorsman said: "That is so awesome!" We'd be lying if we said we weren't at least a little jealous of this raccoon whisperer, but we can't all be the chosen one. 

"My backyard once came one mama with 5 different sizes babies at night," shared @noodlebabytheparakeet. "It was the cutest. We had a bread party." Where was our invitation? That sounds like an absolute dream come true, and we think it would go viral just like this clip. Raccoons are just so entertaining!