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Ragdoll Cat's Angry Glare Is All of Us When We've Had Enough

There are some people out there that simply can't hide their emotions no matter how hard they try. Some might think that's a fault, but we actually think it's sweet that they wear their heart on their sleeves. That way no one will question how we're feeling. And turns out, animals can show their emotions too. 

In fact, we wish we were more like this TikTok cat @merlinragdoll. Merlin doesn't care what people think, he'll show you exactly how he's feeling. Check out his angry glare because it's way too relatable. And way too cute! 

HA! The caption wasn't wrong when it said, "If he had fingers, the middle one would be up." There's no doubt in our minds that that would be true. His anger is just spilling out through the screen. And well, we're not sure if we should be scared and concerned or laugh because have you ever seen a cat make this face?! LOL! "That middle finger is definitely up regardless," said @ayykillah93. It totally looks like it is! 

"This was so poetic," wrote @keniauribe. It is, isn't it?! There is so much meaning behind such a little fur baby. And between the lines of this poetic video, we're thinking Melvin is angry he didn't get his treats. Ha! 

Another TikTok user, @amanda_mcinnis1, commented, "Lol the cutest angry cat I ever did see." The cutest angry cat we think anyone has ever seen! We honestly can't even take Merlin's angry face seriously. He's just too adorable! We think some snuggles and kisses will turn his frown upside down!  


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