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Ragdoll Cat's Mean Facial Expression Has People Cracking Up

Look, you can't be happy all the time. Sometimes you just gotta see red. But certainly no one shows their angry side quite like a Ragdoll cat named Merlin. The cat recently racked up millions of views for a video of his serious expression. We don't know if Merlin is always grumpy or just had a series of bad days, but now people online just can't seem to get enough.

It's hard to describe the expression on Merlin's face, but every time we see it we instantly feel judged. That's probably because Merlin simply has a RMF — Resting Mean Face. A compilation of Merlin's angriest expressions has since been posted on his TikTok page, @merlinragdoll. And yes, the Metallica playing over the footage is just *chef's kiss." "Sleep with two eyes open," the video's caption states.  

Merlin's angsty video has since been watched over 1 million times. And this being the internet and all, people had to crack some jokes. "There's 'grumpy cat' and then there's 'homicidal cat,'" @prouty3456 teased. "I’ve never felt so judged through a TikTok before," @keylime1602 kidded. "Why do I feel like I owe this cat $10 lol," @gr80ld1 wondered. "This cat holding a grudge from 1992," @hellloooooonurse quipped. 

By the looks of other video's on Merlin's page, the facial expression is sort of the norm for him. Take a video that Merlin's mama shared on him giving her the stink eye while she was drinking her morning coffee. "Nothing more motivating than being judged to your core to really get your day started," she joked in the caption.

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Oh Merlin. Forever a little grump.

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