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Story of Rainbow Lorikeet ‘Adopting’ Her New Family Is Beyond Heartwarming

We always hear about people adopting pets and welcoming them into their own families. It’s always such a beautiful blend of trust, snuggles and love. But have you ever thought about animals picking their own families? In other words, adopting a family? Sounds weird, we know. It can happen though! Don’t believe us? Just watch this TikTok clip from @itstheyilmazs and see if you aren't convinced that animals can pick us! 

One morning, this mom saw a little head peaking into her kitchen window. Turns out it was a sweet Rainbow Lorikeet. She opened the window to welcome the bird in. The bird peeks around the window corner and steps right in. And now, the Lorikeet never really stops coming! You can see the progression of this bird’s trust with its new adopted family in this video compilation, which has over 1.3 million views. The bond they form is too precious for words! 

Aww! This is SO cute! We can't believe how quickly that lorikeet became comfortable with her. Guess that's what happens when an animal adopts its own family. LOL! "She trusted you so quickly," wrote @Moe. How?! The bird had no problem stepping into the home. It seemed like there was no hesitation. Well, when you know you know apparently! 

To say we’re all a little jealous is an understatement. @leva asked, “Why can’t it be me?” Seriously! She’s living out all of our Disney princess dreams. Why don’t cute little birdies adopt us?! And why can’t we live in Australia with all these beautiful animals? “Wow life goals,” added @laurencurtis. 

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Not that this woman needs any confirmation, but as @Ben Mayne said, “She’s your spirit animal.” The two of them just fit so perfectly together. And the way the bird walks up her arm, it’s like home for the birdie. Time to make a key for the Lorikeet so she doesn’t have to wait for them to open the window! 

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