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Story of Rainbow Lorikeet 'Sent From Heaven' by Woman's Late Grandmother Gives Us Goosebumps

The power of an animal's love is undeniable. It has the ability to comfort and sustain you even when times are tough. Just like a video on TikTok shows. The footage, shared by creator Chanel (@chanel_esposito) shows how a rainbow lorikeet changed her grandfather's life. And when you see the story, you'll understand why their relationship is so special. 

The tale seems almost like a story out of a book, but it's totally real. "On Valentine's Day, me and my boyfriend were taking a walk. A random rainbow lorikeet flew onto my head," Chanel explained in the video's text overlay. They tried and failed to find the bird's owner. So instead she decided to give the bird to her grandfather, who loves birds and recently lost his wife. "He had told me my grandmother's favorite bird was the rainbow lorikeet," she explained. 

The two are now inseparable. "My grandmother sent this bird to me on Valentine's Day for my grandfather," Chanel wrote. "He keeps him great company," she added. We're crying after seeing those photos of Chanel's grandfather and his new pal! 

People in the comments section were touched. "I refuse to believe this isn't her after reincarnation. She came back," @breejoyceee wrote. "Gorgeous, the bird was a sign that’s for sure that she’s doing okay," @annerleyservinis agreed. "I feel like your nonna came back as her favorite bird to be with your grandfather," @hannahblondebrown chimed in. 

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As if this story couldn't get anymore special, the TikToker later shared a second video of her grandfather and the bird, now called Valentine, on her page. 

He even built Valentine the most amazing bird cage. So much love between these two!

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