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Video of Extremely Rare 'Piebald Fawn' Is a Beautiful Sight to Behold

Genetic abnormalities can do fascinating and beautiful things in nature, from making a population resistant to disease to changing the appearance of plants or animals. One example of this is piebaldism, which causes animals to be born with patches of white, uncolored fur. Sometimes, this discoloration can affect the whole body.

TikTok user and her husband got a close-up look at a fawn with piebaldism, and even the video is breathtaking. In the clip posted to Ash's account, @briskeedoodle, the baby deer rests in the forest, eyeing the man with the camera but never moving. Ash and her hubby don't bother the little one, either, and everyone continued life as usual after this awesome encounter. Let's just say--we're jealous!

What a gorgeous baby! Ash and her husband did us all a favor by capturing this beauty on camera, and they get bonus points from us for leaving the fawn alone aside from filming. 

"Omg gorgeous 🥰🥰🥰," commented @shaylarashelle73. "Finally someone who just admired the baby instead of picking it up and taking it home for a pet to get clout smh! Way to go👏🏾❤️." Exactly! Wild animals like deer don't make good pets, and it can do more harm than good to touch a fawn while their mother is away. Odds are--mom is coming right back!

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Ash totally knows this, and that's probably what gave her such amazing willpower. "I was a veterinary nurse for many years and my first instinct with any wildlife is to do basically nothing 🤣," she replied in a comment. That makes total sense!

We totally love @frieszellrikki, who asked, "please keep us updated with pics if you see it again." You read our minds! Luckily, Ash was more than happy to indulge her viewers.

We can't wait to see this stunning fawn grow up!

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