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Rat Chilling in NYC Store Window Is Living Its Best Life

Rats, well, domestic rats, are wonderful pets. They are incredibly intelligent, super fun to watch, playful and extremely affectionate. We all love rats! Until we see a video of rats in kitchens or restaurants then we are all one big fat NOPE. But rats anywhere else and we are cool with it. 

Why is why this video TikTok user @MaximusupinNYC posted is actually really cute! Watch the following and see if you agree. 

Just a rat, working on his window display skills, nothing to see here. @Kylie posts, "Hat-a-touille" which made us laugh way harder than it should. @JovanOsbourne takes this one step further and adds, "He’s Remy the visual merchandiser lol." @Easypeasylemon40 has the BEST idea and adds, "What a delightful children’s Christmas story this would make-a mouse in a hat shop!" 

This little guy is well on his way to becoming famous with over 470 comments. We wish him all the best in his NYC visual merchandising career. 

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