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Rat Offers Comfort to the Family Dog in Video That Has People Smitten

Seeing your animals bond is one of the best feelings ever as a pet owner. It's like you're a parent who finally gets to see their adult kids get along. That's probably what TikTok creator @copper.and.levi felt after catching her pet rat come comfort her dog Copper while he was crate training. And thankfully she's shared the footage online.

Copper was having a bit of a hard time getting used to crate training, but thankful one of his rat sisters was there to cheer him up. "Please enjoy my ratata being a therapist for my stressed out pooch (she managed to get out of her cage while we were gone)," @copper.and.levi wrote on the video's onscreen text. The footage shows the tiny gray rat scurry over, and into, Copper's cage to give him some comfort. "Just an emotional support rat doing her job," @copper.and.levi added. 

Over 68,000 people have watched the video and were smitten. "Rats are so intelligent, he could probably sense his stress!" @morhergoose_92 wrote. "The way the puppy moved over for her," @discountparishilton noted. "Rats are mini puppies," @lunabthebully chimed in. "I kept waiting for the rat to jailbreak the doggo, but it turns out I read that wrong," @queerundertaker joked. 

While some people were surprised that Copper and the rat got along so well. "My anxiety watching this, but what a good ratty and what good pup," @just_a_mom4 wrote. "Wait why didn't doggo eat the rat," @neo_pie joked. "That’s adorable! Just had me stressed a little — my dog would eat my rats in one fell swoop. You gave such a gentle kind pooch," @deliriouscorgi added.

As the pet owner later explained, Copper and her rats have been raised together, "so he knows to be gentle with them," she wrote. Sounds like the best siblings ever to us.