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Vet's Office Shows the Reality of How Bad Table Scraps Are for Dogs

If your dog begs for people food, you are certainly not alone. Many pups get a regular taste of table scraps or leftovers, but few pet parents know what exactly this does to their body. 

Of course, the best way to make any dietary or health-related decisions for your dog is to take a trip to the vet. That's exactly what @leonardpuppy's mama did for him, and that's also how she found a chart that compares the nutritional value of people food for dogs. Let's just say, Leonard is not happy about what she learned. 

No more cheesy treats?! Hopefully, Leonard will still be able to have an occasional treat, but this chart is a helpful eye opener for pet parents. After all, people food is made to meet the nutritional needs of humans, not dogs. 

According to this vet office's chart, giving a 20 lb. dog 1 oz. of cheese is the equivalent of a person eating over 2 cheeseburgers or 5 chocolate bars. Alternatively, a vet-approved dog treat would equal just one apple.

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Still, dogs and owners alike are Team Cheese all the way. "Dog's got one life to live just like me," @truenorthdevilslettuce commented. "BRING ON THE CHEESE." So true--just because it's unhealthy doesn't mean it needs to be cut out 100% (unless your vet advises otherwise, of course). 

Even so, TikTok is ready to go to war for Leonard's right to munch. "But their life span is 1/10 of ours!" argued @smolgirlweightloss. "Meaning if we get a treat once a week, they deserve a treat daily 😂 that’s what my dog believes anyways." That's what we believe, too! 

One eagle-eyed commenter picked up on one important detail on this chart that pet parents should consider. "This is also an add for 'metabolic treats'," @llaurenstein noted, "so take it with a grain of salt." What a good catch!

In the end, having a chat with your vet about your dog's personalized needs is the best way to determine what snacks are "OK" to give them, but this chart really does make you think, doesn't it?

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