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Reba McEntire Shares Special TikTok Video for Her Biggest Cat Fan

Plenty of people make TikTok videos where they mention celebrities, but the odds of ever getting a response are pretty slim to none, However, one cat named Willow has certainly left an impression on none other than famed country singer, Reba McEntire, who saw one of the cat's recent videos and decided to record a personal message about it.

The clip made by the cat's owner, @3southerncats.and.momma, features her kitty, Willow, showing off her fancy dresses to "Reber," and then the voice on the video parodies Reba's hit song, "Fancy," saying the line, "Willow needs a Georgia Mansion and an elegant New York townhouse flat." To anyone who knows the song, this is pretty darn funny. 

LOL. The cat's owner commented on the cat's original video, saying, "These videos are just funny and we’re joking around. We know Reba is a busy lady. 🥰" 

But apparently, she's not that busy, given that she somehow managed to take a few minutes out of her day to scroll through TikTok, and she happened to see Willow's video. She then recorded her own TikTok to reply to her biggest feline fan.

Willow's mom must've gotten the shock of her life after waking up to Reba's personal TikTok message today! And even though the cat obviously has no idea what in the heck is going on, we're sure if she did have a concept of what it means to be a celebrity, she'd be just thrilled. It really was sweet of Reba to give the cat a shout out.

Of course, now, commenters are calling for "Reber" and Willow to appear together on the big stage, as connecting on TikTok just isn't enough.

Guess some people are just never satisfied.