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Video of Reindeer Strutting Down the Road in Norway Like it's NBD Is Too Cute

Norway has already been on our list of places to visit. Between the beautiful mountains and Northern Lights sightings, it's a destination sought out by travelers around the world. When you mix in what TikTok user @_c.indyyy_ saw during her trip to Norway, animal lovers too will be booking a trip. And yes, we're already looking at flights!  

This TikToker was driving on a street in Norway with some mountains in the background. The drive alone makes us want to go. So picturesque! The unusual part about this drive was how slow she was moving. There was some road traffic ahead and not from other cars. It was a group of reindeer hogging up the road. Yes, reindeer! Do you think they're already training for their big Christmas Eve night? LOL!    

O.M.G. We're in love! We'd do anything to be in the car driving behind a group of reindeer. They're seriously so cute! And they have no care in the world that they're holding up traffic. We're sure no one minded though. You wouldn't want to get on Santa's naughty list!  

TikTok users are obsessing with their walk because well, it's absolutely precious! Did anyone else know reindeer walked like this?! "Everybody do the reindeer shuffle 😂," commented @that_guy1238893. Oh, we love this new dance move! Can't wait to show it off the next time we go out. "That's my walk to the fridge to grab the chocolate spread!" said @elliemeli. LOL! 

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If this video isn't giving you Christmas vibes, we don't know what will! "Hurry gang!! It's only 4 months to X-mas!! We need to get to the North Pole soon!!" wrote @Merethe Haugen. LOL! They've got a long way to go. Just as runners train for a marathon, these reindeer are prepping for the biggest night of the year. Maybe Santa's sled will come to pick them up after a day of training!

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