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Tiny Rescue Owl With 'Puppy Eyes' Has Everyone So Obsessed

Cuteness comes in all shapes, sizes, and species--even ferocious predators. It may be hard to believe, but Remington the Northern Saw-Whet Owl is here to change your mind. Just wait until you see his big 'ol eyes!

TikTok first met Remington when the Buffalo Bill Center of the West offered a few fun facts about him on their account, @centerofthewest. You can see him perched patiently on his handler's finger as she tells his story, but his sweet, gigantic eyes are the true highlight of the video. 

We just adore Remington! He can do literally nothing and still melt nearly half a million hearts in a matter of days. Then again, he does have those hypnotizing eyes working to his advantage. Truthfully, though, we don't care one bit!

Much to no one's surprise, this video's comments section was filled with compliments from Remington's new fans. "not to be dramatic, but.....I think I would die for Remington 🥺🥰," wrote @vitriolpoisoned, who also takes home the prize for most-liked comment. 

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We totally loved @fhadkjhf's idea for "a Disney movie based on Remington." It would be the cutest thing? He already has a heartwarming story and an adorable face--the film practically writes itself! Besides, this little owl's resilience could inspire the world.

Commenter @surprise_1025 thought so too! They wrote, "Remington looks like they're happy to be there despite the circumstances that led them there 🥺." That's so true! Despite his incredibly wide eyes, he doesn't seem particularly stressed about being handled or filmed for his fans. 

That's probably because they take such good care of him! Still, @fhakdjfh had a fantastic idea that we would love to see in a future video with Remington: "Please tell me you give him lots of human zoomies while holding him so he can still 'fly'🥺." OMG! Just the thought of that has us swooning over the cuteness.

Until then, we'll just have to make do with the Remington update @centerofthewest posted more recently. It's just as cute!

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