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Video of Kind Woman Rescuing Baby Ducks From Her Pool Is Quickly Going Viral

What started out like any other summer day for TikTok user @liverosexox quickly turned chaotic. She heard a heck of a lot of chirping coming from the backyard. When she went to investigate, she saw a family of ducks. Aww! Well wait, it's not as cute as it sounds because all the baby ducks were stuck in the pool with no way out. Uh oh! 

This TikToker knew she had to step in and help the cute ducklings. She worked with what she had and tried to get them out. And what a rescue it was! No wonder TikTok users are flocking to this amazing video. The clip has over 28.9 views and 4.6 million likes in just three days! Make sure you watch to the very end to see the troubled child. LOL! 

Aww! We can't believe how sweet and gentle she was able to pull out all those little ducklings! And it was such a smart idea to use that pool tool! Although, the mom wasn't so sure at first...LOL! @Inigis Umbra said, "Love how the mama just got out of the way once she realized what you were doing." Yes! We bet that mama duck is beyond thankful all her babies are now safe. 

"The tail wag of the mom when you said you're welcome 😭," pointed out @alliem502. Ugh, so cute!! And we've never seen a duck wag its tail like that! "It looked like she thanked you at the end," said @xmorgannn. She 100% was saying thank you! 

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The funniest part of the video was the last duckling. Although, it was also very stressful to watch that! @familyguyclips923 wrote, "The last one really didn't wanna leave 😂." LOL! Sound familiar? That's just what kids do at the pool too! "Mama I don't want to leave the pool," commented @oneworldmom. Once again we're learning that animals aren't so different than us! 

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