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Video of Rescued Bat Getting Its First Taste of Juice Is Impossible to Resist

We’ll be the first to admit we’re slightly terrified of bats, but after finding ourselves on Bat-Tok, we’re a little less scared and honestly, intrigued! This can especially be credited to TikTok user, @jasmine.vink, who is a licensed bat rehabilitator and ecologist in Australia. Her TikTok account is filled with different kinds of bats she helps. She feeds them, rehabs them, and sends them back into the wild. Props to her because we wouldn’t be caught anywhere near bat willingly! So we’re very thankful there are people like her to care for them.  

In one of her recent videos that has over 2 million views, she is taking care of a fruit bat. This creature is laying down, wrapped up in towel. Its poor eyes were popping out in fear.. Luckily, he was in Jasmine’s care! Watch as she feeds him, and you’ll see how quickly his mood changed. It’s almost as quick as our opinion on bats shifted! 

Stop it! Who knew bats were so adorable?! We've never seen one in an environment like this, all cozy and snuggling. As soon as this bat realized the bottle was filled with juice, you could see the eyes go from scared to 'yumm that's the good stuff.' He knew he was safe and getting the proper care!

We're in the same boat at @mochithehammyyy who asked, "THATS A BAT?!? ITS ADORABLE." Right?! We had no idea bats were so dang cute! Who was keeping this a secret from all of us?! 

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@Ana, and several other TikTok users, are calling bats “Sky puppies.” OMG. Ok, so when they put it like that, we can see why people find them so cute! And this video just further proves how they really are sky puppies. They’re here for the treats, loving, and snuggles! Now the more we watch this video, the more we’re wanting a pet bat…LOL!  

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