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Rescue Cat Is the Most Beautiful 'Little Mermaid' We've Ever Seen

We love rescue pets and the only thing better than seeing cute videos of rescue pets is seeing cute videos of rescue pets in adorable costumes.  That is what @Winwinrescue does with her beautiful feline Win-Win. Win-Win was rescued six years ago and she's been playing dress up ever since. 

In the account you can see Win-Win as a shark, as a cowboy, as a hilariously adorable Golden Girl, this cat is just a super model. But in the following clip, you may find yourself singing along with the Disney hit "Part Of Your World" because Win-Win is going to take you under the sea

You gotta love it! She looks just like Ariel! @Loracoxray comments, "That is the cutest little mermaid I have ever seen!" @Charlene agrees, saying "Absolutely purrfect! Most beautiful purrmaid I’ve ever seen!" Purrmaid! That's fantastic! Account @Felixandroo sings along, but adding their own twist on the lyrics with "I want to be... where the catnip is..." LOL, now we'll be singing that all day. 

Now, you know what this mercat needs after shooting her beautiful video for a reward? A treat of fish! Just not Flounder, that would be.. wrong. 

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