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8-Year-Old Rescue Cat Who Is Unable to Meow Is an Absolute Joy

Rescued pets are some of the sweetest, silliest, most affectionate animals you'll ever meet. It'll blow you away how a creature who's been through so much can learn to trust and love again so quickly. Honestly, it's beautiful! 

When that adopted pet starts to open up, you'll begin to see more of their unique traits and abilities. For Nonna the 8-year-old rescue cat, this included her trademark squeak. Yep, this sweet girl can't meow, so she uses squeaks to communicate with her family (including her feline sister, Stevie). It's all right here in a sweet video from @munchkinstevie's TikTok account. If you think it sounds cute--just wait until you see it! Trust us, you're going to want your volume on for this one.

Just listen to Nonna! We're positively obsessed with her little squeaks! Naturally, so is literally everyone who hears them, so we're not the least bit surprised at the number of comments there are sending some love to the fur ball.

"She's so precious!" raved @shanaclemens. "Thank you for rescuing her🥰." It's so special to see how much a loving home can change the life of an animal. This precious girl is just one example! 

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"Sounds like she says hello at one adorable.🥰," said @beautyfrompain1113. OMG, it did sound like she said hello! We weren't just  hearing things, either, because Nonna's mama replied, "omg she definitely does, she often makes a sound like 'herro', I need to try and capture it on camera!" That sounds like the most precious thing! Who said that a cat can't greet you when you come home?

Let's just say we're on the same page as @gayspacechickennuggie. "I need more of this kinda content asap," they said. Luckily for you (and us), this kitty's TikTok account is chock full of it! Happy scrolling!

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