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Video of Senior Cow Meeting Her New Friends at Missouri Sanctuary Makes Us So Happy

If you spend enough time on TikTok, you know that animal rescue videos are a genre all their own. Whether it's a dog's freedom ride from the shelter or a goat taking in their new home, it's enough to bring a tear to any animal lover's eyes--us included! 

This time around, it's Story the senior cow who's meeting her new bovine friends at @thegentlebarn. She was recently rescued from the meat industry after her caretaker formed a bond with her. He requested that she be retired to a sanctuary instead of facing a beef cow's normal "retirement plan," and we are oh-so-grateful that he did. 

Welcome home, Story!

What a precious moment between this sweet cow and her new friends! We love that her rescuers gave her time to explore at her own pace, especially after all she's been through earlier in life. 

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As @thegentlebarn explained in the comments, Story is already adjusting to life in the sanctuary. "While the cows are getting to know each other," she began, "our horse April and donkeys Chance and Remi are doing a great job making Story feel welcome ❤️." That sounds like the perfect welcoming committee to us! Of course, it'll get even better once she's ready to hang with her herd.

Even if she's not totally used to it all yet, she seems pretty impressed with her new home. Commenter @dizzily.monochrome noticed how "she's like 'is this for real' at the end," and it's just the sweetest thing. Little does she know that the fun has just begun! 

"I’m so excited for them all," wrote @catpurple. "What a beautiful future they’ll have 💜😊🙏🏼." You said it! We can tell that these animals are incredibly loved, and Story will be the perfect addition. It will be her very own 'Love Story!'

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