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Video of Rescue Cows Enjoying a Birthday Party Is the Ultimate Timeline Cleanse

Pet parents go all out for birthday parties these days. They'll decorate the house, make a pet-friendly birthday cake and even have party hats. We see this most often for dogs but they aren't the only ones. 

In fact, large farm animals can celebrate their birthday too. TikTok user @thegentlebarn showed us exactly how that can happen. The farm celebrated a cow named Eclipse for her 6th birthday. Just wait until you see how the farm went all out. You'll be wishing you were there!  

Aww! We're so in love with this and yes, you best believe we're actually very upset we weren't invited. LOL! There's always next year. We aren't the only ones who want to be on the list for the next party. @michigangal97 asked, "How do I get invited to parties like this?!" 

"A COW BIRTHDAY PARTY OMG I'M IN TEARS THIS IS THE CUTEST FRICKIN THING," wrote @headlikahole. Right?! We couldn't have said it better ourselves. "This cow gets a better birthday than me," added @oops.i.farted.2. Lol, same! But to be fair, this cow is way cuter than any of us so it's very much deserved! 

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Thanks to this TikTok, we now have an easy list to follow to throw a cow birthday party, which we very much plan on doing! But there is one additional step we need. @lilrescuemutts said, "Step 1: find a cow to throw a birthday party for 👍." Ha! Oh could we forget?! 


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