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Video of Rescue Cows Experiencing a Pasture for the First Time Is So Joyful

Introducing an animal to his or her new home may prove to be a little difficult. It’s an adjustment period for them to feel comfortable, learn the ropes, and understand that it’s now their home. But if you shower them with love and make them feel safe, they start to feel right safe and secure in no time. 

We normally see these heartwarming clips about saving animals and introducing them to their new environment with dogs and cats. But TikTok user @stephaniemartin891 showed us even the big animals can feel freedom. In a recent video, she shared cows experiencing a pasture for the first time. They were hesitant coming out of the trailer. But with a little help, they sniffed the ground and hopped right on out. And what they do out in the large pasture will melt your heart! 

Aww! These cows were so, SO happy. They couldn’t believe all the room they had and in no time at all, they were off to the races. We love how they were jumping, running, and mooing about their excitement! Then they were all running together through the whole pasture at the end like one big, happy family. 

One TikTok user @Maddie S. Wright said, “Their nervousness & happiness is palpable! So obvious they’d never been free before! Then the jumping & running!! BEAUTIFUL!” Almost immediately, they knew they were safe. Not only safe but free! @Canadian wrote, “Best day of their life!! They barely know how to run, though, you can see they’ve never frolicked. Bless them.” We aren’t worried about that. They’ll learn to frolic in no time at all! 

Another commenter, @Petiteone615 added, “They’re literally jumping for joy!” They really are.They didn’t know how else to express themselves. “Beautiful, sad, and wonderful all at once!” said @hatchead.