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Video Showing the Reality of a Rescue Dog's Journey After Leaving the Shelter Reminds Us Not to Give Up

The life of a shelter dog is difficult, even after they've been adopted. Even the most happy-go-lucky pups can become scared, reactive, or even shut down while in rescue--and it's easy to see why! Between the new environment, unfamiliar dogs, and the loss of the life they knew, we'd have a hard time adjusting, too.

Luckily, there are amazing, dedicated pet parents like @beccanovak1 who give these rescue angels all the love and patience they need to thrive. She and her Pittie girl have dealt with a lot since the sweet girl came home, but the difference in her demeanor is already astounding. 

Thank you, Becca, for loving on this precious girl! It warms our hearts to see her so happy and comfortable. If you ask us, every pup deserves this kind of fur-ever home. 

"I've been in Rescue for 10 years now and these stories still bring tears to my eyes," admitted commenter @lisacantrell15. We can understand why! Dogs are oh-so-grateful to be rescued, though watching their whole lives turn around can be just as magical for their favorite people. 

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Just ask @dreamkeyforme! She wrote, "I also have a rescue I’m not giving up on. We have good days and hard days. We love him so 🥰." And that's what it's all about! Any relationship will have its obstacles, but sticking around through them all is how trust can truly be built. Becca and her baby girl are the perfect example!

We think @cocoan16's sentiment sums up this video quite nicely: "Sad beginning 😥[...]But a Beautiful Ending 🌞." We wish for beautiful endings for every dog! 

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