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Video of Rescue Dog Slowly and Finally Becoming Comfortable in Her New Home Is So Emotional

TikTok user @wigglebuttbandanas reposted a video from their other account, @the_pawd_pack, and it's leaving us in tears. Last year they adopted the sweetest doggo named Sage. But, as you might know, often times animals who've been through a lot take some time getting adjusted to their new home. And that's exactly what happened to Sage. 

The video shows the journey Sage took over the last year since being adopted. And it wasn't an easy one. She was terrified of people, which is heartbreaking enough. But she was even scared of walking outside so she would hide or stay in her crate. Ugh, that's so sad. Watch the clip and see how Sage has grown within the last year. 

Wow, we can't stop crying over here! This video is so, SO beautiful. She's truly come such a long way. And we're so happy that Sage has become comfortable in her new home and learned to play with toys and her doggy siblings. We just know that this family has given her all the love she could ever want and then some!

"Sage is so special! Thanks for taking the time she needed to be comfortable! 💙💙💙," said @bbcomfort. We bet it wasn't easy, but we're so thankful they stuck by her side. Now she can have a happy, beautiful and loving life. "Thank you for teaching her what's like to be loved," added @jennylei790. We can say thank you a million times and it will never be enough! 

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Another TikToker, @wendywanderstheworld, wrote, "Bless you all for being so patient with such a beautiful soul. ❤️🐾❤️." Having patience is so important when bringing home an animal that might have trauma. This is the perfect video to remind us all, never stop giving them love because one day they will see the world isn't scary! 

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