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Rescue Dog's Terrified Reaction to Having an Accident in the House Is Heartbreaking

Unfortunately, there are many people who abuse and traumatize animals. They are cruel people who like the feeling of holding power over another living thing. One pup was seemingly the victim of one of these people, and the video evidence is heartbreaking.

TikTok user @symphonytherescuepup recently shared a video of their new rescue pup, a Pit Bull mix named Symphony. In the video, Symphony's parents come home to see her cowering in the corner of her crate, and they said she does this every time she has an accident in the house. Check out the video to see this pup's tragic response as her parents try to coax her out of the crate with love and compassion.

Oh my goodness, this saddens us deeply. We can tell that this pup has been through trauma and abuse in the past, and she has carried that with her into her new, safe life. We hope she is able to recover with the unconditional love from her new family!

People in the comments felt so bad for Symphony, and knew she must have had a difficult life before she was adopted. @thewander14 said, "Poor baby, I’m glad she is in a good home now," and @meldavis42 commented, "My heart breaks for Symphony. Give her lots of love." We can't imagine what is must be like for Symphony's parents to see her like this.

Others were glad that Symphony is finally in a good home. @beverlymj commented, "Every dog deserves a dog parent like you. May Symphony live a long, blessed life with nothing but love." Another user, @sweet__lady80, said, "I'm bawling my eyes out now—so glad she has her forever home with you." Every dog deserves to be loved unequivocally and wholeheartedly.

We are so happy that this pup is in an home full of compassion and care now. A dog having a bathroom accident is no reason to harm them, and no pup should ever be treated like Symphony was!

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