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Rescue Dog's Reaction to New Idaho Back Yard Gives Us All the Feels

Maverick's tale is truly a rags-to-riches story. It begins in the harsh desert of Kingman, Arizona, where @its__laurel found the sweet pup. He had been dumped in the desert by a previous owner, but his microchip--which led rescuers to Las Vegas --didn't provide any solid lead. Thank goodness it didn't, because now Maverick is part of Laurel's family, new home and all. 

For the first five months Maverick spent with his pawrents, their yard was under renovation. This wasn't hard for the pup to get used to, since he'd never had a yard of his own, but Laurel anticipated the day that all would change. And then, she caught that day on video!

Yep, that was just as precious as we thought it would be! Maverick seems beyond excited to have room to romp to his heart's content, but how cute was it when he started to run? We feel just like @lrod04569, who said, they're "so very happy to watch him run around!" You're not the only one! 

"That was so beautiful it made me teary!" wrote @valglider. "You guys are angels! Thank you for rescuing him and giving him the best life!❤️🐾🙌🙏🏻." We think it's safe to say that Maverick says thank you, too. It takes a special kind of person to give a rescued pet the patience and love they need to acclimate. They should be proud! 

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Some commenters, like @whatwhat8888, had one more suggestion for the German Shepherd's mama: "Now you need one more to keep him her company 🥰." Can you imagine the kind of fun two pups would have in a yard this size? Yes, please! 

Luckily for us (and for Maverick), @its__laurel replied, "That’s coming soon🤫😏," to @whatwhat8888's comment. We absolutely can't wait to meet their new fur baby! 

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