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First Time Rescue Dog Is Comfortable Enough to Give Mom Kisses Has Us in Tears

With a new pet, every milestone you reach together is an important one. Sometimes, though, there's that extra special 'first' that tugs on your heartstrings more than normal...even if it's not your dog! 

All of TikTok has been in awe of @marxmichelle's viral video with MJ, her Australian Cattle Dog whom she recently rescued. Though the duo hasn't been together for all that long just yet, Michelle was able to capture the moment MJ gave her kisses for the very first time. It's just the sweetest thing! 

Trust us, you may want to grab the tissues for this one

OMG! How precious is MJ?! It's so sweet to see her get outside her comfort zone like she did. Like commenter @syndyross said, "omg it felt like she was slowly hyping herself up to finally give kisses 🥺." And she did it! 

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MJ isn't the only one who accomplished something huge at that moment, either. Michelle had to dedicate a lot of time, patience, and love to their relationship if her new friend would ever feel comfortable, and we think she's doing a great job!

"Rescues are the definition of trust is earned not given," wrote @noisydoglife. "It’s so special when they let you in." You said it! There can definitely be obstacles in the way of a rescue pet's comfort, and it takes a special kind of unrestricted love to help an animal work around it. Luckily, those who do rescue are experts at unconditional love. 

"The first time my rescue cuddled w me I cried." @easybakedbrie shared. "I woke up from a nap on the couch to find him next to me w his head on my side. it’s very emotional." That's so beautiful! Moments like this are what makes rescuing oh-so-worth it--even on the hard days.

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