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Rescue Dog's Reaction to Meeting Her Uncle for the First Time Couldn't Be Sweeter

If you've ever rescued a furry friend, you're probably familiar with the process of them getting adjusted. It may take time for rescue dogs to get comfortable in their new environment because they're scared and traumatized. But before you know it, they're relaxed in their new home, showering the family with all the love. They do this because they're so thankful! So any guesses on what happens if these four-legged cuties are about to meet someone new? 

You might think that rescue animals are hesitant when meeting someone new. That's true most of the time, but of course, that's not always the case and especially not for TikTok user @aclownandherdolly's rescue dog named Looney! In a clip that has captured our hearts, Looney met her human uncle for the first time. You'd think these two met hundreds of times before because their embrace is seriously too sweet for words!  

Stop it! That's so stinkin' cute! You would've never known these two have never met before. They fit just so well together and the love is just spilling out of both of them! We hope these two get to see each other often!

Even TikTokers are noticing this special connection her rescue dog has with him. "I think she has a new favorite person!" said @user2383481173678. You think?! We'd say that's absolutely her new favorite person! "Looks like somebody has a new boyfriend 😁," pointed out @Schmutzig. LOL! The creator responded by saying, "One of many 😂😂😂." Oh, so maybe this doggo is just a love bug and gives so kisses to everyone. But hey, we're here for it!

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You can just tell by both of their body languages how much they love each other! Looney is straight smiling through the hugs. And her tail?! @Belle_Chanel wrote, "Who needs A/C when you have a tail wag that fast?!" LOL! Seriously, she was wagging that thing so fast! Let's call this successful meet-n-greet love at first sight!

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