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Heartwarming Video of Rescue Dog Finally Getting His Forever Home Comes With a Precious Surprise

Normally when a family decides to adopt an animal, everyone knows. It might be a whole event to pick the fur baby up and bring him or her home. But every once in a while, a family decides to make it a surprise, which in our opinion, is absolutely adorable!

That's what happened in this family that TikTok user @justfordogs97 shared. A sweet puppo named Paddy was picked up and ready to go to his new home. That was already sweet enough for us, but there's more. Let's just say it was a surprise not only for the dog!

Aww! What a successful and sweet surprise not just for the doggo but for the family too. The little girls had no idea that when they come there would be a doggo waiting for them. "Well...I'm crying 😭😭," commented @catnip4476. We are too! 

"His little face, 'Am I really gonna be living here with you,' such a special moment," wrote @scoobyjudoo. Sooo sweet! He really couldn't believe he was getting out of the shelter. And he clearly felt all the love coming from his new home because he looked so comfortable already! Ugh, that melts our hearts!

Another TikTok user, @Champagnechrissie, said, "The girls' faces were priceless." Our mouths would've dropped to the floor just like this if a dog was waiting for us at home. We absolutely love that the dog wasn't scared of the girls. He wanted to befriend them immediately, as did they! And because of that, there's no doubt in our minds that Paddy is going to fit right into this family! 


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