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Rescue Dog’s Reaction to New Home Just 4 Hours After Being Adopted Is Everything

TikTok user @rustic_bonezzz‘s roommate recently adopted a dog from the San Diego Humane Society. Although it’s technically her roommate’s dog, she likes to think the new furry roomie is also hers. Hey, it’s called co-parenting! So now, she’s documenting the dog’s adjustment to life in a new home. We don’t think this dog needs any adjusting. We’d say she’s feeling right at home! 

The first video she posted of the sweet angel named Carrot comes from being at home for only 4 hours after being adopted. @rustic_bonezzz films her feet walking out of the room, toward where Carrot has settled herself. Just wait until you see where she is. This just goes to show how much adopting a shelter dog can change their life!

OMG. Carrot was sprawling out on the entire couch! She’s probably never had something so comfortable to lie down on! You can just see in her face how relaxed she is, too. “Can you imagine how good the quiet must sound to her,” wrote @V4808649. The couch plus silence is her heaven. 

@Gardenia Vásquez said, “Her posture and way of sleeping means she feels safe and comfortable in her current environment 😭.” Ugh, our hearts!! She has no worries anymore. She’s finally home. @legally.dreaming added, “The best feeling in the world is seeing them relaxing at home in peace without worry.” She’ll never have to worry anymore. The only worry will be what toy to play with first! 

Check out how her first morning went! 

She knew it, they knew it, we knew it. That's her forever home!