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Video of Rescue Dog Playing With His Tortoise BFF Is Simply the Best

Animal friendships are automatically adorable--it's universal law--but unexpected buddies are just too sweet for words. Especially when one or both of those friends endured some hard times to get where they are, the relationship is all the more meaningful.

That's exactly why TikTok has fallen head over heels for best friends Skippy and Tilly D=G. The tortoise-Chihuahua duo melt hearts with their friendships wherever they go, and social media is no exception--just check out the latest video on Tilly G the Tortoise's account! Fans are currently going gaga for their spirited playtime routine, and it's easy to see why. It's impossible to miss Skippy's excitement for his friend, and Tilly seems eager to be part of the fun, too. 

Best friend alert! How cute is Skippy as he's hopping around for his buddy? If it were us he was trying to impress, he'd have won us over immediately!

A lot of the commenters felt the same way. "That tail never stops so adorable," wrote @spmony11. Isn't it? The cutest dogs are the happiest ones, so Skippy must be about the most adorable thing on Earth!

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Tortoises don't have wagging tails to give their feelings away, but Tilly's interest in Skippy was clear. It totally helps that "the doggy is so gentle with the turtle," like @granddaddylongstroke pointed out, but her brave and curious nature is just as responsible. 

Clearly, the summertime play is just beginning for these two, so we hope their owner is ready to get it all on film. They've already got a head start with tons of videos on Tilly G's account, but no one's saying no to more frequent updates. 

We just adore these two! Even if Tilly is a little preoccupied with a snack, their genuine interest in one another is totally priceless. 

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