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Rescue Dog's Precious Face While Enjoying a Train Ride Is Everything

A Sacramento, California animal shelter employee created a TikTok to show her life with all the animals she fosters. The videos are all so adorable so be sure you follow her at @fosterpetsofsac

One video, in particular, really captured our attention. This doggo named Jasper was originally a stray dog in Sacramento. The TikToker decided to foster him after he came into the shelter. But like a true foster failure, she fell in love completely and adopted him. Now he's out on amazing adventures with his mom. And based on his precious face, we'd say he's having the time of his life.   

Aww! We love how he's all dressed up in his Halloween bandana too. He's clearly getting in the spirit like we all are. "He is so darn cute!" said @danbarot. We'd go on a train ride with this cutie any day of the week! 

"He's so happy but confused and a little scared," commented @mcnuggetsause. Well, it is his first train ride so it's totally normal to have all those emotions. We do have a feeling though that he's enjoying himself. "Omg! I can't with the little teefers and head tilts!" wrote @brandifg34. Right?! Even though he wasn't jumping up and down, the smile and tiny head tilts showed us that Jasper was loving the train. 

And we can't get over that smile! It seriously doesn't even look real at times. @kkyrinlaurieann said, "When mom tells me to smile." HA! Jasper's smile totally looks like our fake smile we have to do for mom's pictures. But obviously, his is so much cuter than ours! 

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