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Woman's Story of Bringing Her Rescue Dog From Turkey to England Has Everyone in Tears

TikTok user @roxythezoologist was traveling in Turkey when she fell in love. She formed a bond with a dog, a street dog in fact. But she didn't care. She was in love and being the kind person she is, she knew she couldn't leave the dog all alone. So one of her recent TikTok clips shares the journey she took with this dog named Amber back to the UK. And trust us, this story will leave you in tears. 

The video first shows the two of them enjoying their last time in Turkey and the beautiful bond they have already. Next up was the airport. She checked in and then was lucky enough that the airline let her stay with Amber for another hour before having to separate for the flight to Amsterdam. But eventually she had to send Amber off with the crew. We can't imagine how scared she must've been to leave her new dog. And, unfortunately, the worrying didn't end when they landed. Get ready for a rollercoaster with this clip!  

Wow! We're beyond thrilled that she was finally reunited with her dog, but man, that was scary! 2 hours?! "My stress level 📈📈📈 I am so happy for you both!!" commented @DogMotherCoffeeLover. Exactly! We were on the edge of our seats so worried something happened to the dog. But don't worry, there's a happy ending! 

@Louise Michie said, "I’m crying watching you stressing for Amber." Us too! We're amazed at how calm she stayed. Yes there were tears, but anyone would be crying in that situation! @kingandmurphyxl added, "The stress I would’ve felt too! 😭 What an amazing thing you’ve done! Wish all the happiness for you and Amber ❤️❤️." 

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So where to next? She wrote in the comments that her dad met them in Amsterdam and together they will drive and take a ferry to the UK. See, that dog is clearly in very good hands! And we just know she's going to love her new home. 

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