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Video of Girls in the U.K. Meeting Their New Rescue Dog for the First Time Is So Emotional

Do you remember the day you first met your dog? Whether it was in the shelter or in your own backyard, we're willing to bet you were feeling a lot of different emotions--we know we were! No matter what your first hellos were like, though, you'll definitely relate to these girls' precious reaction to meeting their new rescue dog, whom they named Loki.

TikTok user and dad @andrewrayes0 posted the sweet throwback clip to his account only recently, but the views are already going through the roof! With the sweet girls and the adorable new pup, it's easy to see why.

Welcome home, Loki! As precious as he is all comfy in his spot in the car, we can't get enough of his human sisters' sweet reaction to meeting him. That pure emotion is relatable AF!

"Awww that doggy is going to be loved so much," wrote commenter @userept8ahama7. "One lucky dog 🐾 ❤️." You know it! We can practically feel this family's love through the screen--especially when the girls' first reaction is to give each other a hug. They're thinking of each other as well as their new BFF!

Just like @cooper8788 said, "I absolutely love how calm & quiet they are as not to frighten their already frightened new baby 🥰." This family has clearly prepared to welcome their four-legged friend. It didn't surprise us at all to see that Loki and his new family are doing so, so well one year later.

With two sisters to play with, all that space to run around, and so much love to give, it seems like Loki is living his best life! We love to see it.

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