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Moment Two Rescue Dogs Became Best Friends Is So Touching to See

Introducing your dog to another pup can be sort of scary — what if they don't get along? Thankfully, that's not the case for two dogs on TikTok. And now watching them become BFFs is such a good reminder why friends are the best.

According to the footage by @koepkaandseve, this was the first time that their dog Seve met their dog Koepka. And it went perfectly swimmingly. See for yourself!

Seve's owner explained in the video that they rescued him back in February 2022. "Him and Koepka hit it off right away," the video's text overlay reads. "It was the first time for both of them finally finding a best friend," it continues. 

The video has since been watched over 17,000 times and people in the comments section were swooning over Seve and Koepka's friendship. "Finally a happy ending. Bless them both and you," @herefromday1 praised. "This is how I feel with my blind, diabetic boy. I adopted a puppy in Feb and they became besties. He had never had a connection like this before," @rock_oil shared. "Thank you for saving a life and giving your dog a best friend. Made my day," @frontliner121 gushed. "They look so happy. And have plenty of play space. A plus!!" @rick4life2 pointed out. 

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Our hearts are positively melting just thinking about these two. It's impossible to imagine what would've happened had they never met. It just goes to prove that every dog deserves to have a bestie. 

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