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Rescue Dogs in 'Deviled Egg' Costumes While Eating an Egg Is Priceless

Now here's some meta content for you to enjoy. Rescue dogs dressed as deviled eggs eating deviled eggs. This is just beyond hilariously cute. Sookie and Ivy are two beautiful rescue dogs who belong to TikTok user @SookieandIvy and it's just one of the best TikTok accounts out there. The account holder and pet parent crochets these amazing hats for their rescue dogs and the videos are just everything. 

Look at these cuties getting a treat of deviled eggs and just try not to laugh! 

Eggstreme Crombtastrophe! The comments on this are just everything, @Katiebatiefofatie demands, "DID SHE GET THE CROMB?" @Michelleheisenberg adds, "Sookie's face when she didn’t get the cromb. She was DEVASTATED." @Kaylajensenx says, "The egg crumb was a paid actor."

@Fiddleheadbruce says what we all can agree to, "The journey of the crumb was better than any book I read this year." We love these rescue dogs and how absolutely talented their owner is. It's just too cute watching the creative ways they come up with to spoil their babies. 

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