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Rescue Dog's Emotional Story Is Just Another Reason to Adopt Your Next Pet

If you're looking for reasons to adopt your next pet, we could write you a thousand-page list. Our favorite reasons, though, are the heartwarming stories of rescued animals who truly thrive and live their best life after getting their second chance. It's so inspiring to see! 

One of these stories is going viral on social media, and we are absolutely living for it. TikTok user @jillian__butler and her family found an adorable senior Chihuahua on their local shelter's website, and it didn't take long before he was part of the family. Of course, she shared the whole story online to help inspire others to #AdoptDon'tShop, and we can't help but think it's working! 

We just love happy endings like this! Jillian and her family are absolute angels for taking in this sweet senior boy, especially when he was in need of so much love and medical care. We're so relieved they found him just in time, and so are the million-plus people who have seen this adorable story!

"Thank you for saving this sweet old man, and giving him a safe wonderful place to live out his days," @stfu123412 said in the comments. "You're making the world better 🥰." We couldn't agree more! It's safe to say that the little pup is grateful for his rescue, too--just look at his wagging tail and snuggles with his new mama! 

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Other pet parents can tell what big hearts this family has for taking care of this sweet boy, too. "Stop it 🥺🥺🥺 this made me cry so hard 🥰," wrote @azjayme. "I'm a lifer chi momma and rescue those unwanted seniors too. you're amazing 🥰🥰." This baby is definitely not unwanted anymore! He's got a wonderful family and tons of TikTok fans to dote on him now, and he deserves every minute of it! 

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