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Rescue Dogs' Sad Reactions to Owners Packing for a Trip Gives Us All the Feels

It seems as if the work-from-home lifestyle made us even more attached to our pets than before. And vice versa. They're so used to us being home with them that anytime we need to leave, sadness ensues. But we don't leave them every single time. It just feels that way for them, especially as the bags come out and you start packing. 

Our pets act this way every single time we get on our shoes, so we can't imagine what goes through the mind of a rescue dog. They've already been through so much that the thought of their owner leaving adds stress. You can see that clearly in a video from TikTok user @aclownandherdolly. She was packing for a getaway in which her two rescues were coming along, although, they didn't know that. The way they look at her while she's packing will completely break you.  

Aww, those poor angels! They looked so hurt and thought they were going to be left behind. We would've lost it and started crying. If only they knew that they were coming too then it wouldn't be so sad! "This made me cry a little. They're so precious," said @fxdingflames. We're crying here too, but a good cry because we know they won't be left alone! 

"Oh my. They look scared. They'll be so happy to get in the car!" wrote @juliezomick. Maybe a simple, 'Come on, let's go,' will change their entire mood. They'll realize they aren't forgotten. Or as @neesyona1 suggested, "If you put their collars and leashes on they will feel better. That signals they are coming also." Yes! That's such a great tip. We'll have to try it next time! 

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@TheLady604 said, "I wish they knew how much we love them back." Ugh, right? Then maybe they wouldn't get so sad at the thought of us possibly leaving. Because that would never, ever happen!

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