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Rescue Donkey's Reaction to Getting Ear Scratches Is Just the Best

There's nothing quite as heartwarming to see as a happy animal, and this pampered rescue donkey is no exception. Kiowa is just one of the donkeys that rescuer and TikToker @fortheloveofass has saved from a life of hardship and neglect, and if you ask us, he looks incredibly grateful. His precious reaction to getting ear scratches is taking the Internet by storm!

You'll totally get why everyone is in love with this happy fella, and soon you will be too. His response is so relatable--and it's impossible to resist!

OMG--that smile is giving us life! We just adore the trust he has for his friend as he rests his head on her shoulder. It's just the cutest thing! Viewer @stefanistiles966 agreed, writing, "what a sweetheart." Now this is the stuff dreams are made of. We genuinely can't tell who's happier here!

"You should see his smile!" gushed commenter @roseeclovers. It will tell you everything you need to know. TBH, it also looks an awful lot like our face during a really good massage, so we can definitely relate. We can only imagine how satisfying it must feel to finally scratch those spots you can never reach! 

@Smwills appreciates Kiowa's serene face, too, writing, "He is in heaven. Such a sweet smile and expression." No wonder the folks at @fortheloveofass had to catch the precious moment on film! If we were the one giving Kiowa all the love, we'd want to remember the bliss, too! 

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