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Video of Rescue Kitten Getting His First Bath Is Quickly Going Viral

People online are so impressed by the gentle calm that one kitten showed recently, while receiving his first bath. That's probably because cats aren't exactly known for their love of water. But Julio, a rescue kitten from Brooklyn, New York, was nothing but peaceful while sitting in the tub. 

Julio's first bath was captured on video and shared by Heidi, a Cat Wrangler, who then posted it on TikTok. As Heidi (@heidiwranglescats) explained in the footage, Julio was rescued the day before and was found living in a storage room of a parking garage with his mom and sibling. "While most pet cats don't need baths, many of our recently rescued kittens come to us quite dirty and covered in fleas," she explained in the video's onscreen text. Julio's before-and-after is pretty impressive. After his bath he looks like a whole new kitten! "Clean boy," Heidi mused at the end.

What a little sweetheart he is! People in the comments were amazed by Julio’s absolute chill in the water. “I like how kittens look when they get put in the bath like this, they are literally just chillin,’” @mibcefler wrote. “So well behaved. My cat would never,” @cats.territory commented. “He was so calm, what a good boy,” @dexterboycat added. Even Nacho Flay (that’s chef Bobby Flay’s cat) chimed in, writing “WHAT A GOOD BOY.”

And other people praised Heidi for taking good care of the kitty. "We need more people like you in this world," @luciestorey2000 wrote. "He already looks a million times better! Thank you for saving him," @phoebethechkitty agreed. "The way you wring out the cat gets me every time," @seriberi6 teased. 

Later in the video, Heidi explained that Julio's bath will help get rid of most of his fleas and make things easier when he gets groomed. But what's  absolutely clear is that Julio is in good hands. "Love you Julio," she wrote at the video's end.