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Video of Rescued Pigeon Patiently Waiting for His Beloved 'Hero' Is Too Precious

The story of a rescue pigeon has touched so many hearts on TikTok. We just know that when you see the video, it'll be hard to hold back the tears. Pidge had a pretty traumatic incident which changed his life forever, but love and a lot of care helped heal him from his injuries. Now he's so in love with the man who saved him and a video of how devoted he is to his owner is something you definitely need to see.

If you've ever rescued an animal, you know that it takes a lot of time and patience to help them acclimate to their new surroundings. But thankfully this story has a happy ending. "My husband brought this pigeon home when he was just a fledgling," the onscreen caption of a video shared by states. "He found him under a busy overpass dodging cars. He'd already been hit and his leg was broken," it continues. Cut to today when Pidge is now safe and healthy. "Here he is a year later, waiting for his hero to get out of the shower," the text overlay reads.

OMG we can't get enough! This is the sweetest thing we've ever seen. His owner joked that he was "more loyal than the dogs."

People in the comments section also loved this adorable story. "I had a pigeon years ago he was the same way. He was better than a dog. Lol!" @lorihunter5475 wrote. "Aww I love this love story! Animals are the best creatures. I don’t get why some people don’t have them," @callmemelissuhhh added. "The power of pigeons to heal is simply amazing! Thank you for saving them," @fixchix praised. 

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We're so into this relationship. It's stories like these that really warm our hearts.

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