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Video of Rescue Pig Trying to Get His Friend to Play Is Downright Adorable

Rescue animals have different reactions when they're finally safe. Some are immediately comfortable and will embrace their new family with no problem. But, unfortunately, there are other animals that need time to adjust. 

That's what TikTok user @spoiledrottenranch experienced after rescuing two beautiful pigs. One of the pigs named Chino was so excited to be there. He was constantly playing. Oreo, on the other hand, was serious and a little unsure. Just wait until you see Oreo's mindset change. 

Aww! This video is so, SO sweet. For starters, the music is just on point. And we love that Chino never stopped trying to play. He just knew one day Oreo was going to feel comfortable enough to join in on the fun. 

"Sometimes we need a Chino in our lives," wrote @shelleyhoo40. Right!? We all need someone who has a fun, playful outlook on life. Someone to help keep the positivity alive, even if life gets us down. @heidistefan commented, "I never knew they could move so fast on those little getaway sticks!!!" Neither did we! They were zooming all over the place. So cool!

TikTok users are obsessing over this adorable clip. "I've watched this so many times. It's too cute," said @Anny_tritthart. And we plan on watching it 100 more times. It just puts the biggest smile on our faces. "This is exactly what I needed to see tonight. Thank you!" added @beckprice100. This video truly made our entire week and we can't wait to see more of this piggy duo playing together!


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