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Moment Rescued Puppy Shows He Feels Safe and Content in His New Home Warms Our Hearts

Dogs that come from shelters can be extremely timid and scared, especially when they're relocated to a new environment. This is why it makes those moments when their comfort is visible after arriving at their forever home all the more heartwarming. One family witnessed their moment for their dog, and it is so sweet.

TikTok user @_skulldoggery recently shared an old video of her Goldendoodle, Modeen, on the first night they brought him home. The text on the video says they rescued him from animal control when he was four months old, which was two years ago. In the video, Modeen shows his new moms that she feels safe and content in his new home. Check out the video to see how this pup conveys these feelings to his new owners.

Oh, this is so sweet! It's a sign that animals feel safe when they lay on their side and expose their belly, so you know this pup was feeling good! He also had a very content smile on his face, which was just so lovely to see.

People in the comments thought this baby was so pretty. @jessieoma said, "He is so beautiful," and @deborahsnow837 commented, "Sweet baby!" Modeen truly is a blessing to see.

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In their own comment, Modeen's moms said, "He’s just the most amazing dog ever. He got us out of bed after we lost our dog before him. To this day, not sure who rescued who." We just love to hear about the ways people's pets help them physically and mentally!

We are so glad that Modeen felt so safe and comfortable on his first night at his new house two years ago, and he seems like he has had a great life with a loving family since then. What a wonderful relationship between pet and owners!

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