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Rescued Racing Dog's Reaction to Her New Back Yard Warms Our Hearts

Every rescue animal needs the love and care that they deserve. So it's no wonder that people all over the internet are in love with a video of a rescue Greyhound enjoying her new backyard. Just try and watch the footage of Millie, or @milliethenoodlehorse, and not get emotional. It's impossible! 

Millie is one happy Greyhound, but you'd never expect that she had a difficult beginning before coming to her current home. "My dog that was adopted from dog racing finally getting the backyard of her dreams," the video's text overlay reads. And if life was bad before — things are so much better now. Take a look at how perfectly at peace Mille looks. 

"Four years of apartment life and we are finally home," his owner wrote in the caption. 

With over 1.2 million views, so many people thanked Millie's owner for giving her a safe home. "THANK YOU FOR YOUR RESCUE. IT SHOULD BE OUTLAWED RACING THESE BEAUTIFUL ANIMALS, "@cherylpotter550755 exclaimed in the comments section. "As a fellow retiree owner, you rock," @_90swildchild chimed in. "I swear it looks like that dog is smiling when you zoomed in… rightfully so too. Enjoy your retirement!" @68rock added. "The absolute pure contentment from this little princess says it all. I'm so glad she's with you," @candyslashthekiller wrote. 

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Later in the thread, Millie's owner explained that "I’ve had Millie for 5 years this July. She’s come so far," they wrote. "This dog has changed my life in the best way," they wrote later in the thread. 

And it's clear that they have no regrets. 

"They are the most kind, gentle dogs," they wrote. "She is by far my greatest decision."

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