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Rescue Goes to Shelter to Get 2 Seniors Dogs and Winds Up With Welcome Surprise

TikTok user @nataliejosnyder is the founder of a Michigan-based rescue facility, Repo’s Rescues. The rescue brings back animals from the humane society and helps connect those animals to their forever homes.

Recently, this TikToker and her rescue went to the humane society to pull two senior dogs. But as you can imagine, it’s very difficult to walk home without bringing all the animals with you. That’s why this trip ended up with a special furry friend in addition to the other dogs. You’ll fall in love with who they’re bringing back to the rescue.

Aww! We don’t know how she goes to the humane society and doesn't bring back every single animal with her. We wouldn’t be able to control ourselves! But we know she would if she could. She's doing as much as she can to help these animals and it doesn't get sweeter than that.

“Jam is a little beauty and is going to end up being a snuggle bug,” wrote @loveswinter123holly. Oh, we believe that 100%! We know she’s so scared now, but you can just see how sweet she is. Someone is going to have one very loving and affectionate cat! “She smiled at the end I know it,” said @catstaxx. We saw it too!

@noname2020000 commented, “She would have been mine in an instant.” Right!? One of the cutest cats we’ve ever seen. We have a feeling she’ll get adopted very quickly! But before that, this TikToker will be working with Jam to make sure she’s all healthy for her forever home. We’re all rooting for her and can’t wait to see more of Jam!

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