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Rescue Dog's Funny Way of 'Snuggling' With His Fur Sister Is Cracking Us Up

TikTok user @floridadogm0m shared what might be our new favorite story of all time. She calls it the story of Biscuits. Biscuits is a Pointer mix rescue dog who was adopted from a shelter where the TikToker used to volunteer at. After wanting a second dog forever, the puppy was finally brought home and was introduced to the family's current dog. Don't worry, the story gets so much better!

Any rescue dog might be timid when first going to a new home and that's without another dog already at the house. So it's no wonder Biscuits was a little scared at first. It was a new environment for the puppy and Pam is a big dog. But eventually, as the TikTok story goes on, Biscuits warmed up and the two dogs become friends. In fact, they get very close to each other. A little too close some might say. But it's too cute for anyone to stop...

LOL! We can't get over how cute this is! We love that Biscuits and Pam have grown together and they're so comfortable with each other. And we especially love that Biscuits never stopped sitting on Pam! The TiKToker wasn't wrong, it's too cute to have stopped! @egyptianfur said, "'We don't correct the behavior because it's cute,' I FKING DIEDDDDDDDD. Pet parents everywhere can relate with dog #2 lmao😂😂😂😅." Sooo true! Not just pet parents though, but human parents as well. That's some youngest child energy if we've ever seen it! Even the creator said, "He is definitely the youngest child." Called it!

Poor Pam didn't have the heart to tell her younger puppy sibling to stop. She just lets it happen. As the official TikTok account @Chewy said, "Pam has accepted her fate 😂." She's too nice to say otherwise! "Her face in the last pic in the recliner😂😂😂," commented @kris10soliz. HA! She hates it completely and she just wants some alone time. Please, someone, rescue this sweet girl! 

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We can't stop laughing at this clip and neither can other TikTok users. @user9504476968162 wrote, "Best. Story. Ever. 😂😂😂." We agree times 1000! 

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