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Scared Horse Rescued From Auction Came With an Unexpected Surprise

We will forever be amazed and inspired by people like TikTok user @explorewithbecca_ who rescue animals. It takes a special person to do this. They need to have endless love and patience as the animals adjust to a new home. 

And those traits are exactly what this TikToker showed after rescuing a horse from an auction. Once they brought this gentle beauty home, the horse was very sensitive and often used her flight mode. But the TikToker didn't give up and continued to try with the horse. The progress is simply amazing and the unexpected surprise is truly the icing on top of this beautiful story. 

OMG! We were not expecting this surprise at all, but we're so in love! Not only did they save this horse, but they also saved another baby horse on the way. Does it get sweeter than this!?

@MsShelleyRoman commented, "Can't even imagine what she's been through to fear humans this much." Right? Absolutely heartbreaking to think about. But no need to worry now because she's in a loving home that will not only look after her but her foal too. @wildrose.imagery added, "She appreciates everything you’ve done for her." Yes, yes, yes, yes! Even if it doesn't seem like it! 

"Thank you for rescuing momma and baby. She was being protective of her baby," wrote @ajash3000. That might explain why she was nervous! But now that she knows she's in a safe place, she'll be able to raise her baby with no problem. 


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